Seaports and terminals are the key links in international transportation chain. That is where the change of transport mode, ownership and customs status of cargo happens.

Cargo Company pay utmost attention to ensuring safe handling and timely dispatch of all means of transport as well as oil vessels via Russian seaports and inland terminals. Our highly skilled personnel is on 24/7 duty effectively representing and protecting interests of customers in port authorities, smoothly solving any operational issues and problems.

Cargo Company operates own terminals, Tank storage farm and warehouses in Novorossiysk and Moscow Gorod region. There we provide full range of re-stuffing, handling, storage and customs brokerage services.
Since 2007 cargo Company terminals were the first in Russia to start containerisation of agribulks. From 2009 cargo Company operates facilities for stuffing petrochemicals, crude oil and foodstuff liquids in cotainers, using flex-tanks.

Our long-year experience in terminals and warehousing enable us to provide reliable handling, timely dispatch and safe delivery of cargo, whether standard or requiring special temperatures, humidity or other specific conditions.